A B C D E F H I L M N O P R S T U        Definitions
Lattice Correction Magnets Correction magnets that are installed inside the Short Straight Section assembly.
Lattice version The lattice version refers to a certain hardware installation in the tunnel. It is clearly separated from the optics version and one lattice version can have more than one optics version.
Left and right See the definition under ’right and left’.
Long range interactions Interaction between the two LHC beams in the common part of the Ring 1 and Ring 2 where the two beams are separated by the crossing angle orbit bumps.
Long Straight Section (LSS) the quasi-straight sections between the upstream and downstream dispersion suppressor of an insertion, including the separation / recombination dipole magnets.
Luminous region The 3-dimensional distribution of the collision event vertices.
Luminosity reduction Geometric luminosity reduction factor due to beam offset ‘R’: Reduced beam overlap due to transversal offset of collisions, frequently used for reduction of luminosity (levelling) and VdM scans.
Luminosity reduction factor due to crossing angle 'S': Reduced beam overlap due to tilted bunch shape due to crossing angle.
Total luminosity reduction factor ‘F’ = R*H*S1

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