A B C D E F H I L M N O P R S T U        Definitions

Ramp Change of the magnet current during. During the beam acceleration the magnets are ’ramped up’ and after the end of a physics store the magnets are ’ramped down’.
Resistive matrix One of the two main constituents of the strand. The resistive matrix embeds the filaments in the strand and provides a low resistance current shunt in case of quench (transition of the superconducting material to the normal state).
RF bucket The RF system provide a longitudinal focusing which constrains the particle motion in the longitudinal phase space to a confined region called the RF bucket
Ring 1 and Ring 2 There are two rings in the LHC, one ring per beam. Ring 1 corresponds to Beam 1 which circulates clockwise and Ring 2 corresponds to Beam 2 which circulates counter clockwise in the LHC.
Right and left Describes the position in the tunnel relative to an observer inside the ring looking out (same definition as for LEP).

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