26 Nov 2015

End of the Design Study and launch of new logo announced on Accelerating News.

2 Nov 2015

High-Luminosity LHC moves to the next phase, CERN Bulletin.

1 Nov 2015

HiLumi LHC celebrates the end of the Design Study and the start of the construction phase. More to come soon.

30 Oct 2015

Photos from the 5th HiLumi LHC-LARP meeting. More

30 Oct 2015

High Luminosity LHC Crab Cavities explained in 180 seconds - Video

29 Oct 2015

CERN press release on HiLumi moving to the next phase. More

27 Oct 2015

This week is the 5th HiLumi LHC-LARP meeting at CERN. More

1 Sep 2015

Register for the 5th Joint HiLumi LHC-LARP Annual Meeting. More

2 Jul 2015

Issue 14 of Accelerating News is out with the 1st hardware for the IR magnets and hollow e-lenses

25 Mar 2015

High Luminosity LHC on the International Year of Light blog

13 Mar 2015

News from the HL-LHC Cost&Schedule review, CERN Bulletin

5 Feb 2015

Photos from the Year of Light event are online

28 Jan 2015

Follow the HiLumi LHC International Year of Light events online

8 Dec 2014

Season greetings for a luminous year in 2015. Stay tuned for the Year of Light HL-LHC events


30 Nov 2014

Brief summary on the 4th Joint HiLumi LHC / LARP annual meeting

17 Nov 2014

The 4th Joint HiLumi LHC-LARP Annual Meeting started in KEK, Japan.


23 Oct 2014

Public talks by Lucio Rossi on the LHC upgrade on 29 October at University of Trieste and on 30 October at University of Ferrara.

8 Oct 2014

Visit the Columbus/ASG stand at the Italy at CERN exhibition until 10th October.

25 Aug 2014

Prof. Lucio Rossi as the HL LHC Project Leader was awarded the prize 'Piacentino dell'anno 2014'

18 Aug 2014

The light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter 
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